Stabbed! (Halloween Special)

That's what I was on Saturday in the wee hours. Bloody chocolate was the reason for the unfortunate incident. How does one solidify homemade chocolate? In the fridge or freezer? I did it in the latter, it got stuck to the plate it was on and I ended up stabbing my hand with the end of a sharp knife while trying to ebb the chocolate! So here I was with a bloody waterfall down my left hand and being held up only with the pain and sink tap before I went clattering to the floor in a hazy heap. The awful unmovable pain lasted for three full days before I went to the doctor. The doctor decided to tackle the problem in a different way. If you cant help you have to endure it is not what he said. What he did was to give me another pain so terrible that I would forget the original. He gave me an anti-tetanus injection! But the funny part was that he gave it to me on my already painful left hand so that the rest of my body parts could still function normally and could ignore my left hand as one would a cranky kid. So here I am typing out this post with one hand while the other one sits on the laptop rest and watches. This whole experience has left me with a question - how do antibiotic tablets know which part of the body needs its help? The doctor gave me tablets to speed skin augmentation but how does the tablet know which part of the skin is ripped? Any doctors or people with super-common sense reading my post who want to answer?
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