Ammu's story

Ammu is a cute little 8 year old girl who lives in a big house next to ours. One of my best friends:). She was here today afternoon and getting pretty bored. I was writing a new post and offered to type a story of her choice if she would dictate it to me. This is what she narrated :

Once upon a time there was a long long river. A man was laughing at the boy swimming. Then after some days the man who was making fun of the boy had got a fracture on his leg. Then the next day the man said "I deserved this just because I made fun of the boy." Thats why the man went to the big river and he saw the small boy swimming in the river and told "I am very very sorry to make fun of you".

Says a lot about what children are imbibing these days. I felt a little happy at the young mind's perception. Oh by the way she made this one up totally by herself!
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