These are a few of my favourite things

My current passion : ACCESSORIES!

Hoops, danglers, bracelets, brooches, bags et al....I love buying these and I love wearing/using them even more! My folks tell me I spend way too much on them but ab kya karen control hi nahin hota ;)

Bijou-Brigitte- For glittery, bling bling, colourful and sheer varrrriety this is a must go. This chain is not in India though. I love their gift wrap li'l bags the most!

Sia Art Jewellery
- Its an Indian chain. Amazing ethnic stuff you get here! But it all depends on how much you are ready to shell out. The lesser the money the plasticky the look gets.

Jute Cottage - Jute jute jute jute wonderful jute! Its in Bangalore.

Ballyfabs - The Jute Shop - I know there is one in Spencer Plaza in Chennai but not sure if they have opened one in Bangalore. Delightful shop! Designer stuff I tell ya..

Any of you reading this post is welcome to take this forward and blog about the shops you keep going back to, the shops that you buy most of your accessories from!
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